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4 October
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You have stumbled upon my Graphics Journal.

(if you haven't figured that out)

Now onto that other stuff that you really need to read to take my stuff.

1.Please credit. I mean, it's not like I am going to sue you and make a whole big deal, but I might say something like, "hey! credit me, damn it." I just want my name written in the keyword. It would make me so very happy. Don't know how? Look here.

2.Comment. Pretty much I want you to do this, so I can see what most people like. I want to know what I should make more of. Or you can leave some constructive critisim. That way I can change the crappy things.

3.Don't edit. All of the textless icons are just, textless. That doesn't mean you can take them and add your own text. If you want me to edit or add text to an icon, you can let me know. I would be happy to do that.

4.Don't hotlink. Pretty much this is taking the URL of a picture and reusing it. It's pretty simple to aviod.

That would be it. It's not to complicated.

By the way, if you want to friend me, go ahead. I will friend you back ASAP.

Also, I gladly take requests. It may take me a while to make them, but none the less I will make them.

If you do want a request, you need to give me an image, text, and color or stlye that you would like me to use. I'll do any movie or show or anything. Just, if I don't watch it (which means it is pretty much not in my intrests) I REALLY need an image and text. If you just tell me, "whatever you want" for text, I will most likely leave it blank. Or I will choose something that you totally hate.